DIA Committees and Engagement


It all started when…

Our community across Dallas and North Texas has shown amazing enthusiasm around the DIA’s mission to support the creation of a Smarter Dallas! Committees to support community engagement and involvement were launched to provide opportunities to discuss, dig-in and plan projects to support our city! Currently we have three active committees: Data, STEM and Quality of Life. Details on each committee are below, and we’ll be added agendas and meeting minutes soon!

Our committees meet at 7:00 pm on the last Monday of each month, following our monthly Munch & Learn events.

Join us in the DIA Slack Community: https://diacommunity.slack.com/


Data Committee

The Data Committee brings experts, researchers, enthusiasts and the data-curious together to discuss how data and analytics can help determine solutions to civic challenges and enable better, more informed decision-making. Working with organizations across the region focused on these efforts, recent project ideas include hackathons, citizen education on how to access and use data impacting their neighborhoods and more.


STEM Committee

The STEM Committee brings educators and advocates together to identify ways to incorporate curriculum, experiential learning, research and events to enhance exposure in future careers.


Quality of Life Committee

The Quality of Life Committee brings together interested citizens to discuss and develop ideas to address how people interact in, with and around our City. Recent topics have included walkability, accessibility, multi-modal transit and green space.