DIA Holiday Party 2016 Recap

Thank you to all who attended our first Holiday Party! Over 150 joined us to celebrate the spirit of innovation in Dallas, to celebrate the holiday season and a great year of working towards making Dallas a Smart City! We provided progress updates on the Living Lab and heard from additional organizations working to make Dallas a smart, innovative and inclusive city!

At the party, we highlighted the good work being done by organizations across Dallas including:
* bcWorkshop
* Better Block
* Dallas Entrepreneur Center
* Dallas Regional Chamber
* Downtown Dallas Inc.
* Earth Day Texas
* GoodWork
* Trust for Public Land

Our Holiday Party was delicious, featuring a "Taste of the West End", with bites and beverages from establishments including:
Ellen's - Brunch, Supper & Spirits
Gator's Downtown
RJ Mexican Cuisine of Dallas
TGI Fridays
Tutta's Pizza
YO Steakhouse
Spirits from:
1001 Wine & Spirits
Tutta's Pizza
The Manhattan Project Beer Company

For those of you that couldn't be with us, please see the attached presentation covering DIA updates and information from our highlighted organizations!

See you in 2017!

Committee Updates: December 2016

Thank you to everyone who has engaged in DIA's committees so far - and we're just getting started! If you are interested in joining, please fill out a volunteer info form on our "Join Us" page! Please see below for updates and next steps:

Quality of Life Committee:

The QOL Committee will start 2017 focused on two issues: public spaces and pilot solutions around fresh food options. The next work session will be held in January for a facilitated session on ideating design for creating a public space at the Woodall Rogers underpasses, connecting West End to Victory Park.

Data Committee:

The Data Committee is working to determine 1-2 initial projects that will utilize open data sources to tackle a pressing issue facing Dallas. Please watch the events page for our January meeting date, where we’ll be whiteboarding and choosing projects

STEM/Workforce Committee:

The STEM/Workforce Committee is working on a comprehensive database of STEM and certification programs in DFW, working alongside organizations undertaking similar projects. Next meeting will be in January

DIA Community Meetup 10.12.16 Recap

Thank you to everyone who attended this month's meet up and breakout sessions! We had over 70 attend and highly engaged discussion around the future of Dallas - specifically focused on Data, STEM/Workforce, Transportation, Startup Involvement and Quality of Life. Please see below for notes from the breakout sessions, and watch the events page for upcoming committee meetings and community events!

Key Takeaways: 10/12/16 Meetup Ideation Sessions:


·      Priority on creating “shovel ready” jobs

·      DIA can act as matchmaker in connecting on key opportunities and skills

·      Look at case studies for a deeper dive

o   What are partners doing in other cities?

o   i.e. Wi-Fi in school buses

o   Wi-Fi access map

·      Possible topics:

o   Allergies

o   Stop light synch

o   Hunger and homelessness

o   Street infrastructure

o   Weather tracking, especially hail and approved roofing vendor lists

o   Availability of green space for recreation

o   Connection to resources (agencies, services)

o   Easy to use event portal

o   Pot hole reporting

o   Traffic congestion

·      Success:

o   Localized solutions

o   Integrated solutions that address problems in a holistic manner

o   Access to experts to review aggregate data and pinpoint important info and begin to propose solutions

o   Shovel ready solutions

o   Data mining


·      Overarching issue: pipeline – start initiatives/intervention pre-6th grade

·      Connect the dots on peer organizations/programs to enhance all efforts

·      Bring in expanded mentor network

·      Additional teacher training around STEM

·      Bring a Makerspace into the West End

·      Classes specific to STEM/IoT/Smart City careers/skills

·      Cohorts

·      Career Fair

·      Hackathons

·      Gaming

·      Create hero network

·      STEM Scouts

·      Developing curriculum

·      Leverage Collegiate Academies

·      iCodes

·      Dallas Alliance of Technology & Women – Great Minds program

·      Networking


·      Focus on walkability

·      Connectivity between neighborhoods

·      Safety, lighting improvements

·      Public-facing parking inventory

·      “Open Table for Parking”

·      Dynamic pricing models

·      Combined ticketing across transit systems (DART, High Speed Rail, Uber, Lyft, Zipcar, etc.)

·      Public transit: wifi on trains and in stations

·      eFrog expansion

·      Station safety

·      Well branded routes between popular destinations

·      Increased bus/train frequency


Quality of Life:

·      Improved wayfinding

·      Integrated transit solutions [all modes, suggestion for full real-time tracking]

·      Popups in vacant spaces, like underpasses. Experimental/temporary popups?

·      Make use of vacant spaces

·      Uber/Lyft designated “stops”

·      More pocket parks

·      Wayfinding re: tree cover for pedestrians

·      More places for pets

o   Incorporate "high tech grass”?

·      Long term – incorporate virtual reality into wayfinding

·      QR code readers for visitor information?

·      Color coding system to identify routes/neighborhoods

Recap and Next Steps: DIA Community Meetups

Thank you to everyone who has made it out for the Dallas Innovation Alliance’s meetups in May and June! With a combined 225+ in attendance, and some palpable energy and excitement in the room, it’s clear Dallas is ready to work as a community to become a smart city.

 Breakout groups at May event at Tutta's 

Breakout groups at May event at Tutta's 

Attendees were able to participate in breakout sessions on key topics defining a smart city, thank you to our facilitators for driving great discussions around:

Data, Data, Data

Internet of Things

Quality of Life/the Citizen Experience

Startup Ecosystem Involvement

STEM/Workforce Development

Team Green/Sustainability

Transportation and Mobility

 900lbs CEO Steve Dietz demo'ing the iPad 360 experience of the living lab in the West End. Photo courtesy of Jana Pruitt, Dallas Innovates

900lbs CEO Steve Dietz demo'ing the iPad 360 experience of the living lab in the West End. Photo courtesy of Jana Pruitt, Dallas Innovates

How to Get Involved?
Engage, Educate and Spread the Message

Volunteer on a Committee, or other capacities (it takes a village!)
--Dates and details to come on dates in August, and through the end of the year

Become a Member/Partner with the DIA
--Please visit the Join Us page to submit information

Nonprofits and Civic Organizations: Join the Smart City Community Council
--Please visit the Join Us page for more information and to download the membership form, or email info@dallasinnovationalliance.com to submit information

High Level Themes from Breakout Groups

This is likely of no surprise to the community, but the through-line for smart city strategies is the use of data to improve efficiency, operations and quality of life, as well as to measure outcomes for initiatives.

 Providing an open data platform for citizens, entrepreneurs and students to build off of is a core competency, leveraging both public open data (see the City of Dallas' at www.dallasopendata.com) and other data sets to gain new insights. Data standardization, security, storage and APIs were key areas of discussion.

Improving access to information is key to improving the citizen experience. How that information is aggregated and services delivered is where innovation can occur.

Smart cities is a marriage of green space, sustainability and livability with technology, data and internet of things. A combination and balance must be achieved in all tactics.

A big piece of success of these initiatives will involve a perception shift or behavior change – i.e. how can citizens contribute to resource conservation or how do we shift perception (and experience) of public transit to increase ridership and access?

STEM and Workforce Development improvement can be achieved in a number of ways, but central themes of access, collaboration with existing programs and bootcamps, and getting to kids early were prevalent in discussion. Hands on, experiential learning, as well as expanding technical certification programs were also key themes.

Startups and entrepreneurs are a core asset in Dallas – the question is how to best leverage and fold-in these innovators? The open API/platform is key, as are events like Hackathons and potential smart city-focused accelerators. How can we partner established corporations with startups to catalyze proof of concept and commercialization?

Transportation & Mobility was a high-energy, passionate conversation – the use of technology and sensors to improve everything from mass transit arrival time, a universal multi-modal pass, pedestrian safety, alerts/rerouting regarding street closures and congestion points, among others, are key areas to explore.

The DIA is going to establish core community committees around these topics, to cement ideas and action plans. If you are interested in serving on a committee, or leading, please email info@dallasinnovationalliance.com and stay tuned for dates to come in August and beyond.

The presentation from our June 29th event can be accessed below, for those interested or who missed the event.

Thank you for your passion and enthusiasm for the future of Dallas!

--Dallas Innovation Alliance