DIA Community Meetup 10.12.16 Recap

Thank you to everyone who attended this month's meet up and breakout sessions! We had over 70 attend and highly engaged discussion around the future of Dallas - specifically focused on Data, STEM/Workforce, Transportation, Startup Involvement and Quality of Life. Please see below for notes from the breakout sessions, and watch the events page for upcoming committee meetings and community events!

Key Takeaways: 10/12/16 Meetup Ideation Sessions:


·      Priority on creating “shovel ready” jobs

·      DIA can act as matchmaker in connecting on key opportunities and skills

·      Look at case studies for a deeper dive

o   What are partners doing in other cities?

o   i.e. Wi-Fi in school buses

o   Wi-Fi access map

·      Possible topics:

o   Allergies

o   Stop light synch

o   Hunger and homelessness

o   Street infrastructure

o   Weather tracking, especially hail and approved roofing vendor lists

o   Availability of green space for recreation

o   Connection to resources (agencies, services)

o   Easy to use event portal

o   Pot hole reporting

o   Traffic congestion

·      Success:

o   Localized solutions

o   Integrated solutions that address problems in a holistic manner

o   Access to experts to review aggregate data and pinpoint important info and begin to propose solutions

o   Shovel ready solutions

o   Data mining


·      Overarching issue: pipeline – start initiatives/intervention pre-6th grade

·      Connect the dots on peer organizations/programs to enhance all efforts

·      Bring in expanded mentor network

·      Additional teacher training around STEM

·      Bring a Makerspace into the West End

·      Classes specific to STEM/IoT/Smart City careers/skills

·      Cohorts

·      Career Fair

·      Hackathons

·      Gaming

·      Create hero network

·      STEM Scouts

·      Developing curriculum

·      Leverage Collegiate Academies

·      iCodes

·      Dallas Alliance of Technology & Women – Great Minds program

·      Networking


·      Focus on walkability

·      Connectivity between neighborhoods

·      Safety, lighting improvements

·      Public-facing parking inventory

·      “Open Table for Parking”

·      Dynamic pricing models

·      Combined ticketing across transit systems (DART, High Speed Rail, Uber, Lyft, Zipcar, etc.)

·      Public transit: wifi on trains and in stations

·      eFrog expansion

·      Station safety

·      Well branded routes between popular destinations

·      Increased bus/train frequency


Quality of Life:

·      Improved wayfinding

·      Integrated transit solutions [all modes, suggestion for full real-time tracking]

·      Popups in vacant spaces, like underpasses. Experimental/temporary popups?

·      Make use of vacant spaces

·      Uber/Lyft designated “stops”

·      More pocket parks

·      Wayfinding re: tree cover for pedestrians

·      More places for pets

o   Incorporate "high tech grass”?

·      Long term – incorporate virtual reality into wayfinding

·      QR code readers for visitor information?

·      Color coding system to identify routes/neighborhoods