Introducing Innov8te


The Innov8te Smart Cities Incubator was launched in February 2019 to support entrepreneurs and early-stage companies in sectors supporting urban and civic transformation. Founding public, private and academic collaborators include AT&TCiscoMicrosoft, the University of Texas at Dallas(UT Dallas) The DEC Network and the Dallas Innovation Alliance. This incubator’s presence in the Dallas Innovation District and Smart Cities Living Lab continues to drive a focus on smart city technology research and development for the region. The DEC Network’s flagship West End location will house Innov8te as part of its network of locations throughout the region. Applications to Innov8te will reopen for the next cycle later in 2019. Applications will be available through at

By taking a regional approach, the incubator’s mission is to support and highlight the burgeoning DFW ecosystem of companies focused on building products and technologies in sub-sectors including data analytics and visualization, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, blockchain, augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR), and beyond. The application of these technologies seeks to improve eight areas of civic innovation: 

1.    Citizen Engagement/Services

2.    Equity/Inclusion

3.    Infrastructure

4.    Governance

5.    Mobility

6.    Public Health/Healthcare

7.    Public Safety 

8.    Sustainability

Throughout the spring, details on additional partnerships and programs, and formal launch timing will be announced. Please follow progress at @theDECtx, @Innov8te1 #SmartCitiesIncubator and @DallasSmartCity

FAQ on the Program:

Q: What are the components provided by the program?

A: Innov8te will provide key elements needed to build and grow your business, including education, mentorship and community. Some of these include:

  • Our partners are providing a package of product and services, as well as programming on sectors, topics and ways to work with large companies.

  • Periodically throughout the year, partners will bring in their VC arms to meet with Innov8te companies that are at a stage to take on capital.

  • Our broad and deep network of mentors will be available to provide their expertise to support your success.

  • Special events will bring together the full ecosystem to support relationship building and organic collisions to connect with the community and drive success.

  • We are working with the city to establish a dedicated satellite presence at the incubator, where leadership will be available at “Startup City Hall” to interact with companies and provide insight on working with the public sector.

  • The University of Texas at Dallas will collaborate through their Blackstone accelerator, applied research, special programs, and other elements to connect their students, companies and professors with members.

  • More to be announced…

Q: What is the length of the program, and how often are cohorts brought on?

A: The program progression and curriculum is designed on a six month cycle, but companies are admitted throughout the year. The curriculum will stay consistent so that regardless of entry time, all companies will go through the full cycle.

Q: Does Innov8te take equity as part of participation?

A: No, Innov8te is structured as an incubator as opposed to an accelerator and does not take equity in participating companies.

Q: Is there a cost associated with the program?

A: Participating companies will be responsible for a nominal monthly fee, similar to a standard coworking space.