City of Dallas Job Opportunity: Chief Innovation Officer



This position is responsible for managing the innovation process within the City of Dallas and providing the necessary ecosystem that allows ideas to germinate, take root and flourish.  It works closely with the City Manager’s Office as a management consultant to City departments to develop and inspire the development and implementation of data-driven best practices in municipal government and foster a culture of innovation, efficiency, and process improvement. The City of Dallas is focused on identifying and scaling creative ideas that work throughout the City organization and implementing solutions in partnership with internal and external stakeholders. This strategic and forward-thinking individual will be a catalyst for change throughout City Hall and have the freedom to move nimbly within the organization to identify opportunities for improvement and adapt or implement creative, data-driven, comprehensive solutions to traditional problems, both technological and operational, and drive the organization towards innovative solutions. 


 (These are intended only as illustrations of the various types of work performed. The omission of specific duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related, or a logical assignment to the position.)

§ Formulate and implement effective new ideas and innovative strategies and incorporate them into the City’s plans; 

§ Research and analyze trends in local government to forecast future changes in practices, processes, and programs; explore and import innovations from other communities for testing where they may be applicable;

§ Utilize quantitative and research methods to identify opportunities for improvement in operations and services throughout the City of Dallas.  Analyze and research a variety of administrative and operational issues/problems/opportunities and provide sound solutions or courses of action; establish and maintain systems for measuring, monitoring and reporting on operational and management performance Citywide; 

§ Formulate solutions and provide implementation alternatives to various governmental systems, processes, and service delivery models and deliver recommendations to the City Council, City Manager's Office, Departments, and outside agencies;

§ Evaluate the progress of innovation and adjust the pace or direction of new projects in accordance with the City’s various strategic priorities;

§ Work in coordination with Executive Leadership Team to implement the Dallas 365: Performance Management Program and provide quarterly reports to the City Council on city services performance outcomes;

§ Provide citywide oversight of metrics and data analytics to facilitate strategic utilization of data; 

§ Lead the implementation of the City of Dallas smart city framework into government operations;

§ Work in coordination with the Office of Strategic Partnerships and Government Affairs to monitor and pursue grants (i.e., local, state, federal, private) to add innovative capacity to City operations;

§ Forge partnerships with local community groups, companies, universities and school systems that can support the research and development of innovative solutions; 

§ Work in partnership with the Chief Information Officer on identification, development, and testing of civic technologies and projects that advance the City’s Open Government mission; ensure a forward-thinking, cohesive, and strategic approach to technology in support ofall municipal business units;

§ Represent the City and serves as liaison and convener with other local, state and federal agencies and related NGOs to align community innovation with broader regional and national programs;

§ Lead multi-functional, cross-departmental teams that may consist of employees from all levels of the organization;  

§ Select, motivate, develop, manage, and evaluate staff; 

§ Develop and equip managers in their role as change agents and leaders of innovation in their respective departments;

§ Perform highly responsible and complex administrative work related to planning and managing the activities of assigned departments and units; develop short- and long-range plans, goals, and objectives with clear objectives, outcomes, and performance measures; 

§ Advise City management and the City Council on the effective, efficient, and economical management of the areas of assignment; submitting reports; monitoring grant opportunities (i.e., local, state, federal, private) to add innovative capacity to City operations;  

§ Oversee the development, preparation, and administration of budgets;

2018-2019 PRIORITIES:

§ Transition the organization to a more innovative and tactical environment to become a partner in the external entrepreneurial process;

§ Instill a culture of innovation, professionalism and continuous improvement in the City organization, and develop a more adaptive and dynamic organization receptive to new ideas and operational enhancements;

§ Serve as a consultant and facilitator for City employees, local businesses, and organizations seeking to develop new solutions to civic challenges and city-wide systemic issues; 


Ability to Envision and Communicate the Future: 

§  Have a well-developed analytical and predictive sense based on previous experience and thorough review of current and historical facts.  

§  Able to see where the organization might be going, anticipate future needs, formulate non-traditional approaches and solutions to problems, and be able to communicate the opportunity associated with these solutions.

§  Able to communicate the vision of the future state in a manner that would resonate with others within the organization. Skilled at explaining the process by which conclusions and roadmaps are developed and how the organization might implement and rip the benefits of the new state. 

Ability to Drive Ideas and Action Around a Common Vision: 

§  Have the skill and knowledge to drive ideas and actions and to turn vision and creativity into reality. 

§  Able to ideate, plan, prototype, launch, and implement solutions in a team environment, taking advantage of the organization’s strengths. 

Ability to Anticipate, Identify, and Counteract Resistance to Innovation: 

§  Must be able to address organizational dynamics, systems, and processes that may stand in the way of innovation and positive change.

§  Must be flexible, resilient, and adaptable to changing priorities;

Data Analysis, Governance, and Inventorying Skills: 

§  Capable of developing cross-organizational programs, processes, and initiatives for data collection, inventorying and analysis.

§ Ability to apply mathematical and statistical methods to organizational studies; 


Strategic Insight and Ability: 

§  Ability to plan, design, implement, evaluate and coordinate delivery of services, determine and implement appropriate changes and improvements to ensure effective, cost-efficient solutions.

§ Experience in policy analysis, strategic thinking, policy development, and public process facilitation;

§  Able to assemble and lead a diverse team that blends analytical, deductive reasoning with creative thought and foresight.

Collaboration, Negotiation, and Influencing Skills: 

§  Able to analyze complex organizational structures and functional internal and external relationships; 

§  Demonstrated skill and experience at prioritizing and building connections, both within a complex organization and with other organizations.

§  Able to influence stakeholders and gather support for initiatives, based on a track record of previous successful innovations and experiences that inspire buy-in from the organization’s leaders and support for a common vision.

§  Able to work across the organization and the City Manager to facilitate an improved culture of innovation, accessibility, efficiency, and accountability; understand how to foster openness and transparency to drive collaborative change and create the best possible environment for innovation by tapping into all relevant stakeholders and available resources.

§ Able to work in a collaborative manner with City departments to foster high-performing project teams dedicated to achieving innovative and inspiring results; 

§ Able to establish and maintain effective working relationships with City staff, other government officials, community groups, the general public, and media representatives; 

§ Be comfortable dealing with an engaged public in a highly visible environment.

§ Inspire, manage and collaborate with a wide variety of internal and external stakeholders at all levels;

§  Ability to identify and respond to community and City Council issues, concerns and needs promptly;

§  Ability to be flexible, resilient and adaptable to changing priorities;

Communication Skills:

§  Ability to write clear and concise reports; 

§  Ability to prepare and deliver effective presentations for individuals and groups;


Any combination of training, education, and experience equivalent to graduation from an accredited college, or university with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, Business Administration, Information Technology or a related field.  This position requires a minimum of 8 years’ experience in one or more of the following types of organizations: (a) a private sector firm with a culture committed to performance improvement measures and best practices; (b) a management consulting firm dealing with organizational efficiencies, cost-saving analysis, and performance enhancements; or (c) a forward-thinking government entity that has embraced change management and innovative techniques. Ideal candidates will also present progressively responsible managerial, supervisory experience with major emphasis on strategic program development and business model development and change leadership. 

A comparable amount of training and experience may be substituted for the minimum qualifications.

How to Apply

Interested qualified candidates must submit an application online via NeoGov at:

Applications must be complete, including previous salary history and (3) required references.  A resume and letter of interest are recommended.  Application must be submitted by the deadline noted on the application submission site.

Note:  Under the Texas Public Information Act, information from your resume may be subject to public disclosure.