The Dallas Innovation Alliance supports a multi-phased approach to Smart Cities implementation.

Initial efforts will be centered in the West End district of downtown, where a confluence of multi-modal transit, walkability, historic buildings and a burgeoning innovation district will serve as ground zero for the city as a living lab, and a three-pronged strategy will center on infrastructure, mobility and connected living. The first phase of the DIA Smart Cities Living Lab powered by AT&T was launched in March 2017. Initial insights are available via our First Quarter Results, available here, Second Quarter Results [quarter ending September 30, 2017] are available here, and Third Quarter Results [ending December 31, 2017] available here.

Why the West End?

The West End fits a number of criteria that make it a natural fit for Dallas’ initial smart cities pilot project:

       Downtown location (located in the CBD)

       Growing urban residential district (live/work/play)

       Surge in redevelopment (commercial and residential)

       Highly accessible via mass transit

       Distinct and manageable footprint

       Fiber is already available in the West End area

       Historic preservation district

       Gateway between downtown and Southern Dallas (Grow South priority initiative)

       Major residential and commercial growth and presence from innovative companies










Integrated transit solutions


Bike lanes



connected living

Fiber Access

Smart Home/ Office

Green Spaces, Urban Gardens

Data Activation