Introducing the Dallas Innovation Alliance


The Dallas Innovation Alliance (DIA) is a 501(c)3 public-private partnership dedicated to supporting the design and execution of the City of Dallas' smart cities strategy. 

Our mission is to develop and test a scalable smart cities model for the City of Dallas that leverages our city's distinctive strengths for the benefit of Dallas that leaves a legacy of innovation, sustainability and collaboration for future generations. Our goal is to help elevate Dallas as a city that is not only prepared for – but a driving force in shaping – the future of cities, and providing opportunities for prosperity for all citizens.


City of Dallas Job Opportunity: Chief Innovation Officer

The Chief Innovation Officer will be responsible for managing the innovation process within the City of Dallas and providing the necessary ecosystem that allows ideas to germinate, take root and flourish.  It works closely with the City Manager’s Office as a management consultant to City departments to develop and inspire the development and implementation of data-driven best practices in municipal government and foster a culture of innovation, efficiency, and process improvement. The City of Dallas is focused on identifying and scaling creative ideas that work throughout the City organization and implementing solutions in partnership with internal and external stakeholders. This strategic and forward-thinking individual will be a catalyst for change throughout City Hall and have the freedom to move nimbly within the organization to identify opportunities for improvement and adapt or implement creative, data-driven, comprehensive solutions to traditional problems, both technological and operational, and drive the organization towards innovative solutions. Full job description is available here. To apply, please submit at:



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