The Dallas Innovation Alliance (DIA) is a coalition of stakeholders from the City of Dallas, corporations, Civic and NGO organizations, academia and private individuals who are invested in Dallas’ continued evolution as a forward‐thinking, innovative, ‘smart’ global city. Our working definition of a Smart City is a city where social and technological infrastructures and solutions facilitate and accelerate sustainable economic growth, resource efficiency, and importantly, improves the quality of life in the city for its citizens. Operating from a foundational vision that smart cities are about people and not just technology, DIA is focused on the end user – building a critical mass of the most highly-engaged citizens in the country. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop a scalable smart cities model for the City of Dallas that leverages our distinctive strengths for the benefit of Dallas that also leaves a legacy of innovation, sustainability and collaboration for future generations. Our overarching goal is to elevate Dallas’ status as a city that is not only prepared for – but a driving force in shaping – the future of cities, and providing opportunities for prosperity for its citizens. For more information on our first year, please see the 2016 Annual Report here. Today the DIA, with key leadership support at the City of Dallas, encompasses a network of three dozen partners across the public, private, civic, and academic sectors and over 20 city departments. In short, the DIA has taken a best minds approach in order to align on projects and objectives for its Phase I “Smart Cities Living Lab” in the West End Historic District in Downtown Dallas. 

The best way to plan for downtown is to see how people use it today; to look for its strengths and to exploit and reinforce them. There is no logic that can be superimposed on the city; people make it, and it is to them, not buildings, that we must fit our plans.
— Jane Jacobs, "The Death and Life of Great American Cities"

leveraging city-wide efforts

For years, Dallas has been engaging in emerging technologies and infrastructure that provides a solid foundation for a fully integrated multi-phased strategy. DIA seeks to leverage the impact and best practices of these City of Dallas initiatives for maximum benefit to the city. Some of these include:

  • Dallas Open Data

  • Fiber/Gigapower availability

  • Big Data Research Collaboration between UT Dallas and SMU

  • Oncor Microgrid Project

  • DART GoPass and Mobile Solutions

  • Dallas Police Department: iWatchDallas, Fusion Center

  • IBM Smarter Cities Challenge Grant

  • Smart Meters and Energy Efficiency Programs

  • Cities of Learning

  • And many others...if you are working on an initiative, please contact us via the Join Us page